FT-69 Float and Thermostatic Seam Trap

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Sterlco® Float and Thermostatic (F&T) steam traps are preferred for efficient, economical vacuum and pressure service. F&T traps are highly recommended for applications where large volumes of air are present on start-up and where condensing rates can vary widely. F&T traps are ideal for service in health care institutions, apartments, educational facilities, offices and other public areas as well as in business and industry.

The FT-69-3-15 is available in 3/4” pipe size. Float and Thermo- static steam traps are designed for ease of installation and simplified, minimal maintenance.



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Standard Features

F&T traps operate in response to rising and falling condensate levels and rising and falling temperatures near the thermostatic vent, as follows:

  • Condensate initially fills the trap body to a predetermined level, which is sufficient to seal the valve seat opening.
  • As the condensate level continues to rise, the float will rise causing the valve to pull away from the seat.
  • Condensate will then be discharged into the return line through the trap outlet. The rise and fall of condensate level causes a continuous discharge which is typical of F&T traps.
  • Air entering the trap is discharged through the thermostatic vent. The opening and closing of the vent is dependent upon the temperature surrounding the thermostatic element.
  • As the element cools with more air accumulating, it opens to allow the air to vent to the atmosphere.

Typical Installations

Install F&T traps in steam applications such as Instantaneous Heaters, Steam Humidifiers, Steam-Jacketed Vessels, Unit Heaters, Sterilizers and other similar equipment.




Why Choose FT-69 Float and Thermostatic Seam Trap


FT-69 Float and Thermostatic Seam Trap

All Sterlco® steam traps designs provide modulating control and non-condensable gas venting.